Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When the Spiritual Healing Works

Different people give different definition to the act of spiritual healing but I have a simple and practical definition based on my experiences of natural laws and forces. Spiritual healing is the act of healing by applying the truthful trick exiting by nature which in itself implies to natural discipline, truth and which results karmic repercussion.
Spiritual healing involves the act of attuning oneself with God and natural forces. In order to succeed in this type of healing method, you must be faithful, strongly endowed with faith, courage and hope. You must be cleansed of spirit and mind. If you need to perform any ritual for any purpose, you must physically cleanse yourself but you must first free yourself of hatred of your neighbor, have a peaceful mind and be ready to communicate with God’s angels.
Spiritual healing is the only alternative where all medications had failed to yield result. This method is part of natural healing methods because God existed from the beginning. He created the universe and all that exist. He created man and commanded that he takes full control of natural resources. He made the higher animals to talk and other living things to understand the signs of one another. He inspired us to communicate to his spirits and angels and make it possible to follow a process ion order to achieve a desired result.
We can define the act of spiritual healing as a method whereby we purely communicate with God to reinstate normal condition thereby achieving joy, happiness and peace of mind.
Let me give you some tips here: Be prayerful, free your minds of hatred of your neighbor, friends and acquaintances, be faithful, hopeful and always think positively. For special needs please go to our consulting room. Every situation is handled differently because violation of natural laws happens differently. While saying this, please note that ailments occurs as a result of violation of natural forces. This is because the Karma is the judge which does not spare anyone. It acts stronger than Moses Law which state: “Teeth for tat”.